Friday, October 27, 2006

Home Again

This is the amazing view from an Airbus as David and I flew over Baffin Island upon my return trip from Austria and David's return trip from Holland. All I could think seeing all this snow was that we should be racing up here! The World Cup GS in Solden was canceled due to lack of snow, the first time this race has ever been canceled. It definitely makes me reflect upon the global warming situation!

In the end I'm really happy with the training and progress I made in Pitztal. We had a good balance of time spent training Super G and GS, with success in both disciplines. Our team is skiing extremely well and the competition will be thick! I am now at home in Chilliwack enjoying this time to relax before the season begins. This morning I went for a wonderful run along the river in my backyard, the scenery is beautiful with all the colours changing. Up next...Halloween....what to wear, what to wear:)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Rising Sun

This was a picture I took as the sun rose on the Pitztal Glacier, it's a beautiful place.

Today we're taking a day off. Instead of skiing we'll pass our day catching up on e-mails, rest, and physio. We also have a hike planned this afternoon that will take us up to a restaurant where we'll eat lunch. We're staying in a great hotel but it's always nice to get out for a change in scenery. On the hill things are going well. In the last 3 days we did one day of GS and two of Super G. The entire Canadian women's world cup team is now here in Pitztal, it has helped up the intensity on the hill. Our whole team is skiing well, it will be an interesting season!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pitztal, Austria Training Camp

We are currently half way through our camp here in Pitztal, Austria where we have enjoyed some great weather and snow. Although there isn't much snow, and lots of rocks at the top and bottom of the training sites, the snow on the course is amazing! Hard, grippy, snow with some icy patches has made for efficient yet challenging training. So far we have split our training time between the GS and Super G events. The technical girls have been in Solden training these last 5 days but have now joined us for the remainder of the camp in Pitztal. October training camps are always interesting and fun as the racing season nears. Virtually every World Cup team is training in either Pitztal or Solden and everyone is scouting out the other athletes, catching up with friends, and getting excited (and some nervous) for the upcoming races. I'm definitely getting excited! So far this camp I've trained with the Italian, Slovenian, and American women. It's been great to train with the best in the world, it keeps you honest. - K

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hanging Out in the Airport...

Well, I'm currently sitting in the Montreal airport trying to pass the time during this 4hour lay-over. So far I've chatted with my Mom, checked e-mails, enjoyed some pea soup, watched Dr. Phil, sent some texts....all this and I still have 3 more hours to kill! Please don't worry though, I'm a pro at killing time! Up next, picking my nose....ha ha, just kidding.

I actually had a very enjoyable flight here with Rob Boyd sitting next to me. I'm excited and a bit anxious to get back on snow. I have really enjoyed my time at home, more than I can say, but I now look forward to getting back to work. While home I met with my mental trainer, Roger Friesen a few times. After my sessions with Roger I always felt so excited that I wished the first race was now! Luckily though, I still have time to hone my skills a little more before I stand in the start gate. Currently I'm heading to the Pitzal glacier in Austria for the next two weeks. I'll update you on how the training goes! - K

Friday, October 06, 2006

Speaking Engagements

Recently I enjoyed being a guest speaker at two speaking engagements. David and I spoke as a team with some Pacific Sport athletes and their parents from the Fraser Valley region about Media Training. This evening was a rather informal session that really turned out well with great stories and interaction between David and I and the crowd. In an intimate setting at the the University College of the Fraser Valley it was well suited for the topic and the people attending.

The next morning I was up bright and early to join the Chilliwack/Mt Cheam Rotary Club for breakfast and a speech. This was a particularly fun (and funny) group of people. I really enjoyed being there as there guest and I hope to connect more frequently with similar groups in the Chilliwack community.

Magazine Cover

The new SRC - Ski Racing Canada magazine is being launched October 12th and I have been lucky enough to grace its cover! It was amazing fun doing the photo shoot and I look forward to seeing how it turned out! Join SRC's launch party:

At C Lounge -456 Wellington St, Toronto - next Thursday at 9pm for SRC Launch Party along with our friends from Marker Technical Volkl, Karbon, Lange and Grand Marnier.

You will be able to order your own subscription soon on their website: Unfortunately I won't be at the launch party since I'm on my way to Europe on that day. But knowing these guys it will be lots of fun!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

November 2nd - Toronto Gala


November 2nd is the date to mark for the Toronto Gala. I just thought I'd let people know that I'll be making the trip to Toronto for this event and that I hope to see many of you out there! Alpine Ontario/Alpine Canada always put on a nice event and all the proceeds go to support our dreams of Gold! :) (recognize the skier in the background?...)