Thursday, September 16, 2010

Recovery - Physical and Mental

There are moments I’m overcome with emotion. When something catches my attention and draws memories from my fateful crash on December 17th. It can be a piece of clothing I was wearing that day; the number my skis were labelled with; or watching someone be overcome with passion from their own sporting pursuits.

Most who know me know that I am a passionate person and athlete. I can be overcome with emotion for my own success as well others’ success. Even watching a complete stranger achieve their own goals fills me with emotion as I continue to dream big myself.

Passion can be an amazing tool, but it can also turn on you. I became at peace with my crash and injury quite early but this hasn’t meant that the process of morning and adapting hasn’t continued. These moments where I’m overcome with emotion tell me there is still more I must face looking backward before I’ll be able to move forward. The web of emotions from this crash are far reaching and ever present as my knee reminds me in every step I take.

These floods of emotion are seemingly a part of my process. Going through them, and facing these emotions will help me return to snow stronger than ever before. However, I also know, if I leave any rock unturned physically and mentally it may eat me from the inside out. I’m dedicated to this process of facing these fears and memories head on – I know it will pay off when my feet touch snow again.

As for my knee itself – well it’s doing awesome! And, instead of explaining my knee's condition, I thought I’d show you with some images that David took this morning (below).

Best Wishes & Smiles,


One Legged Squats are easy again! Plus my scars are barely visible which bodes well for the healing that's occurred in the joint!

Child's Pose in Yoga - Look at that knee bend! Oh ya baby...that took a lot of work!

Balancing on the Bosu.


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Rockstrong and cie said...

Can't wait to see you back on those downhill board!!