Thursday, February 08, 2007

Beautiful, Cold Are

Here are a few pictures I took yesterday morning before the Downhill training run that I wanted to share with you. Are is a beautiful place, although extremely cold with temperatures reaching -30 the last few days! And yes, those buildings are COMPLETELY covered in ice/snow!

Unfortunately my Super G race didn't find me cheering in the finish area, rather freeskiing down most of the hill after missing a gate early on. Although fast before I went out, it shows how fine the line is when racing! Britt Janyk did Canada proud though with a 4th place finish, missing the podium by a mere 6 hundredths of a second! It appears as though she is now carrying that 4th place curse! However, the podiums will come...we all know they will!
I'm now in the middle of the Downhill training runs. I look forward to racing Sunday!

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Joe said...

It' s really beautiful there. Good luck tomorrow!!