Saturday, April 12, 2008

Still Skiing Lots

Although my racing season ended several weeks ago, the ski season is still in full swing! Since my last race I've had a two week training camp in Whistler, traveled to Rossland, and I am currently Heli Skiing at Mike Wiegele's! (Yes, this is the fun part of my job!)

The training camp in Whistler was amazing since we got to train on the Olympic run. Although we didn't do the top section of the DH, we did full length of every other discipline. The snow was softer than it was for racing, but the conditions were picturesque for this time of year and the work we were doing. The quality time with this run was special and loads of fun for all of us. Training
started at 7am but finished at 10am, so although we were up early we enjoyed relaxing days.

After this camp I went to Trail, Rossland, and Red Mountain for two days. Teck Cominco organized to have me there and help out at a local FIS race. I met lots of the local racers and many invaluable Teck Cominco employees. I really enjoyed this weekend, it was relaxed and filled with amazing people. I'm sure I'll be returning to that area again soon!

After visiting Red Mountain, I went home for a day then packed up and drove to Mike Wiegele's for 3 days of epic Heli Skiing.....yes, life it rough! Mike was kind enough to host 10 guests from the National Ski Team for 3 full days of powder skiing. It has been a great few days with temperatures cold enough to give us winter conditions. Our best runs were definitely in the trees where we played and laughed like big kids. Of course pushing our limits, we had many crashes in the group but we all skied away laughing.

On another note, I'm trying my luck as a brunette! I've been a blond my whole life but wanted to try something different, so I finally bit the bullet and went dark brown (with a hint of red). So far the reviews have been favourable, although I'm only starting to feel like I'm not wearing a wig!

Up next I'll be heading to Charlotte, NC with David for his Olympic trials. I'm really looking forward to having some time with him and helping out with whatever I can around the river! From Charlotte, I'll be going straight to Whistler for another training camp up on Peak chair. If last year is any indication, it will be an amazing camp up there in Whistler's version of heaven.

Till next time,