Friday, November 16, 2007

Season's Quickly Approaching

Every year it's the same, the feeling of astonishment that the racing season is already upon us. One week from now the world will be coming to Panorama for the Women's GS/SL events and to Lake Louise for the Men's DH/SG events. Sadly I will be unable to compete for a spot in the women's GS event in Panorama as I'd hoped. There was a FIS rule I didn't know about that excludes me from even trying to win a spot in that race. Although I've been training a lot of GS and seen huge improvements for myself in this discipline over the last 2 years, I haven't been racing it enough. Therefor, my world ranking has dropped to 354th in the world. I had to be ranked 350th in the world or better to compete. I hadn't realized my ranking had dropped so much in the last year (no racing will do that!). I believe there must be a reason/meaning for why I'm not able to race this GS. Happily, I have two disciplines where I'm ranked in the top 10 so at least my time away from GS racing was well spent.

Otherwise, I'm doing well and I am extremely excited to start racing in Lake Louise! My wrist is holding up well in training and my new brace will allow me enough movement to race and compete to the best of my abilities. We've been training the last week in Nakiska where one run is open (with another run opening tomorrow). The training in Nakiska is challenging but great at the same time. We've been blown away a few times, literally blown away, by the wind that is. Yes, Nakiska is known for it's wind storms! Luckily it hasn't been too cold so it's not too difficult to endure.

As for my skiing it's coming back to a place where I feel strong and confident. Although I'm a bit shaky emotionally I know, come race day, I will be ready. I have so many years of training in me that I can rely on my instincts.

As for what I've been up to since my last blog, well, Lots! I was honoured with the task of ringing the opening bell at the TSX. I was joined by CBRE, Comcor, and my family for this wonderful event. Another big event was the Gala in Toronto. This was a fun evening full of music by the Barenaked Ladies and Tom Cochrane plus amazing food. (Photo: Kelly, Britt Janyk, Larisa Yurkiw, Manuel Osborne)

I hope everyone reading this is well and looking forward to the, quickly approaching, winter wonderland that is snow. I love being Canadian!!!