Monday, April 23, 2007

How Ski Racing got me to Vegas...

Although the saying goes, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" I've decided to share with you my weekend experience! CBRE, a commercial real estate company that has been a supporter of mine for 5 years, hosted a recognition weekend in Vegas for their top performers. This is a yearly event that changes locations and an event that Blake Hutcheson, CBRE's President, has invited me to for a few years now. However, this was the first year my schedule enabled me to attend. In many respects, it was a fitting year for a 'coming out' of my relationship with CBRE after the success I've had racing and the story that got me here. I was sponsored quietly up until this weekend. I was lucky enough to meet many amazing people who are motivated, friendly, and overall just great people who have added to CBRE's success. It really was a pleasure for me. Plus, staying at the Four Season's didn't hurt either! It was an oasis in Vegas. The weekend included a few highlights; spa massage, amazing buffet breakfasts, cabana time by the pool, 'O' by cirque du soleil, shopping, enjoying Vegas' 'it' nightclub Pure, and taking in the larger than life Strip.

Saturday night I gave a speech during the recognition dinner. I was happy with how it went and I received great feedback. I'm always amazed how my story seems to reach people, and the kinship I feel for them as well. I always enjoy doing talks, weather with school kids, Universities, or organizations, I always walk away feeling like I've gained something. I felt welcomed by all of CBRE's employees and I look forward to getting to know many of them better. While in Vegas I couldn't find the right words to describe this fantasy land of sin. That is, until Blake Hutcheson found the words I had been looking for, "Vegas is the world's largest cubic zirconium." I couldn't have put it better.

Since my last blog I had a training camp in Whistler where I tested new equipment and new eyes! The laser eye surgery went amazingly and I've had a perfect result. I don't know if it's related, but I was jumping better than I ever have before during our Speed training! Perhaps this depth perception is a good thing after all! :) In Whistler we tested new equipment for Downhill and Super G - things look good for next year! I'm excited already.

Currently, I am with my boyfriend David Ford in Charlotte, North Carolina enjoying the role as a support crew around the river. It's been a nice change of pace far away from the snowy hills (although I am still waiting for real summer weather to show up!). We've met several locals who have opened up their homes to us within minutes of meeting. Likely, David and I won't be staying in hotels the next time we visit Charlotte. The hospitality this city's people have shown us has been incredible. Otherwise, my health is pretty good other than the usual aches and pains I've become accustomed to as an athlete. Still a bit worn out after this season I'm enjoying having my shorts on and I look forward to hitting the golf course as soon as my aches and pains allow!

With Smiles and Warm Wishes,