Saturday, September 30, 2006

It all began at Tojo's....

David and I were celebrating our 4th year together with the best sushi possible at Tojo's restaurant in Vancouver. David has become friends with Tojo (a world renound sushi chef) and we were lucky enough to be his guests. Sitting at the sushi bar, enjoying a meal to die for, we got to know two gentlemen sitting next to us, Chris and Rick. They happened to work for Elton John and invited us to Elton's concert in Vancouver two nights later. Of course we were excited to be asked and accepted the offer! So, on Wednesday night, after I wrote my final exam for Commercial Law that morning, David and I were given a back stage pass to Elton John's concert, shown a grand tour of the stage and crew by Chris, and Rick showed us the works of art he takes care of - the guitars. To top off the night we were sat in the front row, only 10 feet from Elton. We enjoyed a 2h 45min concert where Elton played non stop. Elton's abilities and the whole evening simply left David and I speechless.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

An Artist's Take

Upon my return home from Portillo, Chile I opened a package that held a special gift within. I had heard a while ago that there was a group of artists interested in making medals for all the Canadian athletes who finished 4th in Torino. I nearly forgot about this entirely....until a packaged arrived with my name on it. It was a medal made by Peter MacLean and the strap was made by Holly Carr. They are two artists from Nova Scotia. This medal is perfect in so many ways, I am honoured to have received one. All the medals were made by different artists and Holly Carr made the ribbons. These artists felt a kinship with the athletes who work, often alone, towards an ideal. These medals were a way for them to recognize those who might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

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Schedule for October

October 12 - Fly Vancouver, Canada to Munich, Germany
October 13-25 - Training in Solden and Pitztal, Austria
Ocotber 26 - Fly Munich, Germany to Vancouver, Canada

A Picture to Share

A Fourth Place Finish in Torino Olympics, 2006

0.03 seconds from a medal

First Blog Entry - Sept 2006

Hello and welome to my new blog. This blog will have a link from my main website - I hope this blog will help everyone keep in touch and up to date with my crazy life as an Alpine Ski Racer! Since I barely know where I am when, I thought this may help you and I stay up to date.

Wish me luck as I learn the world of blogging!